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  "ACRAA Initiatives in a Season of Pandemic Panic"

28 October 2020, ACRAA Webinar Program
Since its organization, the following are the training workshops organized by ACRAA.
These training workshops benefited from a Technical Assistance (TA) financed by ADB from the Japan Special Fund, up to 2010.
Date Topic/Title Venue/Coordinator
28-29 September 2017 Opportunities in Infrastructure Projects. A Knowledge-Sharing Workshop. Bangkok, Thailand
TRIS Rating Co. Ltd.
27-28 July 2017 Indicators for Effective Macroeconomic Risk Analysis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC)
28-29 July 2016 Enterprise-wide Risk Management Manila, Philippines
The Secretary General
15-16 October 2015 Financing and Rating Infrastructure: Credit Issues and Risk Management Practices Manila, Philippines
The Secretary General
1-2 December 2014 The Power Industry Manila, Philippines
The Secretary General
4-5 September 2014 Securitization (Rating Methodology/Rating Criteria) Bali, Indonesia
7-8 November 2013 Credit Risk Assessment and,Funding Alternatives of Microy,Small and Medium Enterprises Mumbai,India
20-21 June 2013 The Property Development,and Housing Industry Manila,Philippines
The Secretary General
12-13 July 2012 Rating General Insurance Companies Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15-16 September 2011 Bank Loans Rating Bali, Indonesia
19-20 May 2011 Rating of Infrastructure Projects Bangkok, Thailand
1-2 July 2010
Ratings Criteria Harmonization
1) Holding Company Rating Methodology.
Group Companies Analysis.
2) Rating Foreign Entities Issuing Local Currency Debt Obligations.
3) “The Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility” as proposed by ADB/ASEAN+3.
4) Different Forms of Guarantees and Their Credit Implications.
5) Introducing the Application of Credit Rating Principles to the Evaluation of Micro/Small Enterprises for their Financing: the Benefits, Limitations, Opportunities”.
Manila, ADB
23-24 July 2009 Training Workshop on Rating of Bank Loans and Criteria Harmonization

Training Workshop on Guaranteed Bonds
KL, Malaysia
18-19 June 2008 Seminar on Handbook on Best Practices in
Ratings for DCRAs.

Rating of Bond Market Mutual Funds: Assessing Credit, Operational & Market Risks.
Manila, ADB
3-4 Dec 2007 Infrastructure and Project Finance Manila, ADB
9-10 May 2007 Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) for Rating Agencies
 Hyderabad, India
15-16 November 2006 Basel , Asset Quality and Rating Agencies Bangkok, Thailand
26-27 June 2006 Training Workshop on Criteria Harmonization
K.L., Malaysia
7-8 November 2005 Training Workshop on The Fundamentals of Corporate Credit Analysis Shanghai, .P.R.O.C.
Shanghai FarEast Credit Rating Co., Ltd.
22-24 June 2005 Training Workshop on Rating of Securitizations, CDOs and Synthetic Securitizations K.L., Malaysia
16-17 November 2004 Basic Training Workshop (Corporate credit rating methodology and criteria) Manila, ADB
29-30 April 2004 Training Workshop on Credit Rating for General Insurance Companies
K.L., Malaysia
10-11 September 2003 Training Workshop on Advanced Securitization: Auto Loan Receivables
Bangkok, Thailand
10-11 March 2003 Training Workshop on Financial Analysis of Banks New Delhi, India
29-30 August 2002 Training Workshop on Infrastructure-Project Finance
K.L., Malaysia
4-5 June 2002

6 June 2002
Training Workshop on Securitization

Conference to Strengthen the Credit Rating Discipline in Asia

Manila, ADB
All the training workshops are attended by at least 2 representatives/analysts from all ACRAA members.
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